Paushak's core competencies are in the development and manufacturing of phosgene based speciality chemicals and intermediates. We use innovative process engineering techniques to achieve a low cost product that has a global quality and regulatory standards. We have expertise in manufacturing of Chloroformates, Isocyanates and Carbonyl Chlorides. We have capabilities to produce at various scales and reaction types ranging from batch to continuous.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Manufacturing Capabilities

Phosgene production capacity of 14400 MT/month
Pilot plan 10L to 200L
Reactors from 1KL to 10KL
Powder processing area
Utilities from -15°C to 200°C
Pressure range from 1 Torr to 10 Bar
Product storage facilities from Ambient to 0°C.
Analytical Capabilities

Analytical Capabilities

GC / GC with headspace
NMR 300MHz
UV / IR / UV Visible Spectrophotometer
Particle Size Analyzer
Flash Chromatograph

Process Development & Process Engineering

Paushak provides an integrated service from research, process development from kilo scale synthesis to commercial supplies, supported by in-house manufacturing & project teams. Paushak has proven experience of development and commercialization of complex chemistry molecules with a strong focus on EHS and follows strong adherence to Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) & data protection. Paushak has strong process engineering capabilities while handling high temperature & high pressure reactions.

New Utility & Control Centre

New MPP DCS operated plant