Custom Synthesis

Well equipped multiple Synthesis Laboratories with more than 30 scientist in R&D with 3 Ph.D.; upgrading with new standards as per SEFA

Capable of carrying out Process development, Contract Research & Custom Synthesis

Dedicated high pressure zone with separate reaction facility for vapour phase phosgenation

Photochemical reactor, Fractionating columns

Online literature access, E-Lab note book

Access to Alembic’s R&D Centers

Plan to set up a new R&D center

Analytical Instruments

  • Gas Chromatograph
  • High Performance Liquid Chromatograph
  • FTIR Spectrophotometer
  • UV Spectrophotometer
  • Karl Fischer Titrator
  • lonometers/lon Chromatograph
  • Flash Point Apparatus
  • Melting Point Apparatus (Thermo Gravimetric Analyzer)


Paushak has prioritized Research and Development (R&D) for serving its global customers and future growth. With its Phosgenation expertise, Paushak caters to the needs of Pharmaceuticals, Agrochemicals & Performance industries. Paushak has successfully developed and commercialized various Phosgene based compounds with in-house R&D, engineering and project implementation from grams to tons for various customers.

Paushak has R&D center at its manufacturing site which is manned by high end talent from some of the most reputed institutions of India. The R&D Labs are equipped with cutting edge in-process and product testing facilities. The analytical wing of R&D develops methods for its product portfolio. The R&D centers have latest LC/MS, HPLC, GC/MS, IR Spectrophotometer; GCs, KF Titrator, Potentiometric Titrator etc. to support high quality analytical work.

The development work of new products and processes is well supported by Kilo lab & Pilot Plant which are specifically designed and equipped for safely conducting Phosgenation and other related reactions. The plant is multi-purpose in nature and can handle process development work from 10 liters to 200 liters.

Alembic Group has been operating multiple “state of the art” research centers with over 1200 scientists in multiple locations for many years which are also accessible to Paushak to enhance its capabilities. Paushak always strives for early product development, scale up and commercialization while delivering higher customer satisfaction.

The Areas of Expertise

  • Phosgenation (Gas & Liquid phase)
  • Chlorination
  • CS2 Reaction
  • CO Reaction
  • Hydrogenation
  • High Temperature Reaction
  • Other Halogenation
  • Decarboxylation

In-house process development capabilities

Proven capability in “process development to commercialization”

Strong commitment for quality and on-time delivery

Strong adherence to IPR & customer’s data protection