Journey of Paushak

  1. Established at Vadodara as agrochemical company while deriving its name from "Paushan", meaning nutrition.

  2. Production of Super Phosphate & Sulphuric Acid for crop nutrition.

  3. Launch of various branded agro-formulations for Indian market.

  4. Phosgene License of 1600 MT/YeaR... Pilot plant set-up at Baroda based on American technology.

  5. Super Phosphate & Sulphuric Acid production discontinue & operations moved 40 Kms. at new Site,Panelav, Panchmahal for Phosgene & derivatives... running since then.

  6. Launch of Carbaryl technical with backward integration with Phosgene.

  7. Launch of Endosulphan, Pavshamycin & Monocrotophos - technical and formulations.

  8. Launch of Isoproturon technical and formulations.

  9. Launch of Carbendazim Technical and intermediates including Chloroformates & Carbamoyl Chlorides.

  10. Discontinuation of agrochemical (technical & formulations) business…focus on pharma intermediates.

  11. Phosgene capacity expanded to 4800 MT/Year... the largest capacity in India.

  12. Phosgene capacity expanded to 14400 MT/Year... the largest capacity in India with focus to grow in agrochemicals & contract manufacturing.

  13. Largest downstream capacity of Chloroformates in India.